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Welcome to NetSquirrel.com

Named in honor of the squirrels who so routinely and bravely gave their lives to disrupt power to the University of Alabama's mainframe computer center, NetSquirrel.com is the personal web site of educational technologist Patrick Crispen.

Does your PC boot slowly or crash a lot?

A Microsoft tool called the "Microsoft System Configuration Utility" or "MSCONFIG"—a tool that is already installed on your PC—can help you troubleshoot problems with your computer and even ensure that your computer boots faster and crashes less. Customized pages show you, step-by-step, how to use MSCONFIG in Windows 7, how to use MSCONFIG in Windows Vista, how to use MSCONFIG in Windows XP, how to use MSCONFIG in Windows ME, how to use MSCONFIG in Windows 98/98 SE, and more.

NEW: Blackboard 9 Essential Training for Instructors

My latest lynda.com online training library title, 'Blackboard 9 Essential Training for Instructors' is now available.

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