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Helpful PC Utilities

With savemybutt.com apparently stuck in WordPress configuration hell, Steve King (formerly of WGNRadio) asked me to don my cybersquad tiara and come up with a list of helpful PC support resources.

My new, stand-in favorite PC help site is Lawrence Abrams' "Bleeping Computer" site at http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/. According to the site's Wikipedia article (!), "[i]t is a resource site for answering computer, security, and technical questions. All services to the public are free, including malware and rootkit cleanup of infected computers and removal instructions on rogue anti-spyware programs. Bleeping Computer caters especially to the new computer user. The site is a featured Microsoft Expert Zone Community and has been recommended in PC World magazine."

So, yeah, you should bookmark http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/

But what about all of those helpful software on Mike D's website? Those (and more) can be found on Bleeping Computer. In fact, here is a HUGE list of helpful tools for fixing most Windows PC problems (courtesy of Reddit guru Jessek):

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