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NetSquirrel.com Redesign: What Was Changed And How

Well, as you can probably tell, NetSquirrel.com now has a new look and feel. Instead of designing the site's look and feel myself [no time] or hiring someone to do it for me [no money], I broke down and bought a Dreamweaver template from Project Seven. The content is stil all mine, but the layout is all Project Seven's.

I spent a weekend in July 2005 tweaking Project Seven's template a bit in Dreamweaver—converting the template pages to XHTML 1.0 transitional, changing the color scheme, creating my own banner graphics [in Fireworks], and adding a few extra navbar links [which are really nothing more than <p>s with some cool CSS applied to them.] All in all, since I know Dreamweaver and Fireworks pretty well [thanks to Lynda.com], it was a pretty simple process.

The hard part—or at least the time-consuming part—was cutting and pasting all of my site's old content into the new template pages.

Previous designs:

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