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Each of my Internet Tourbus posts between 1995 and 2002 included a "Southern Word of the Day." The following is a complete list of those Southern Words.

If you choose to redistribute this list, please give credit where credit is due. Questions and comments should be sent to Patrick Crispen, University of Alabama class of 1998.

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MAIMPHIS (noun). A city in Tennessee.
Usage: "Elvis used to live in Maimphis."
(Special thanks to Gary Sparks for today's word)

MAUL (noun). A measure of distance.
Usage: "There's 5280 feet in a maul!"
(Special thanks to Los Angeles bus driver "Chuck" for today's word)

MAUL-ANAR (phrase). A measurement of speed.
Usage: "Mercy! That Dale Earnhardt musta been goin 200 maul-anar."
(Special thanks to George Bratiotis for today's word)

MARE (noun). An elected city official.
Usage: "Yep ... Ed Koch used to be the mare of New Yark City."

MARKINS (proper noun). Citizens of the United States.
Usage: "My fellow Markins..."
(Special thanks to Larry O'Glasser for today's word)

MASS (noun). A small, cheese-consuming rodent.
Usage: "We got us a bunch a mass in th' rut cellar."
(Special thanks to Sharon-Bob for today's word)

MAUDLIN (verb). The act of displaying.
Usage: "She's right purty, she done maudlin for the Sears catalogue"
(Special thanks to Johnny Carwash for today's word)

MAY-UH-REE (proper noun). A woman's name. (Pronounce quickly).
Usage: "May-uh-ree had a little lay-umb."

MAYOL (noun). What the United States Postal "Service" carries.
Usage: "Would you go out an' check the mayol?"
(Special thanks to Tina Mader for today's word)

MAYTER (noun). A red vegetable used as the primary ingredient in ketchup.
Usage: "I'm hungry. Fix me a mayter sandwich!"

MAY-US (noun). A state of untidiness.
Usage: "Bubba, yur trailer is a may-us."
(Special thanks to Les Herod for today's word)

MAY-UTH (noun). The science of numbers.
Usage: "2 plus 2 is 4 ... that's may-uth"
(Special thanks go to Rachel Wolfe for today's word)

MAZIN GRASS (proper noun). Song often heard in Southern churches.
Usage: "Play us sum Mazin Grass on the pie anna, honey"
(Special thanks to Jack Decker for today's words)

MEERFURAMINIT! (phrase). Mandating a person's immediate presence.
(Special thanks to Adam Joshua Smargon of the University of Florida for today's word)

MELPEW (phrase). Query made to learn if you need help.
Usage: "Melpew?" "Nah ... I'm just lookin'."
(Special thanks to Pat Marr for today's word)

MEMBER (verb) To recall.
Usage: "Bubba, make sho you member to fetch me some mo Moon Pies."
(Special thanks to Bob Shier for today's word)

MERINGUE (noun). A piece of jewelry worn on the finger.
Usage: "Ju like meringue?"
(Special thanks to Michael Sullins for today's word)

MERLIN (proper noun). A state in the US.
Usage: "Ma Momma's from Jawjah and ma ditty's from Merlin."
(Special thanks to Susan Thayer for today's word)

MILL (noun). Food consumed during a specified time period.
Usage: "Bubba, turn off Hee-Haw and eat yer mill!"
(Special thanks to Sara Mack for today's word)

MINI (adj). A great number or amount.
Usage: "Mini battles were fawt durin' the War of Northern Aggression"
(Special thanks to Andrew Roberts for today's word)

MIRA (noun). A reflective surface.
Usage: "No outhouse is complete without a tal and mira."
(Special thanks to for today's word)

MIZEWELL (phrase).
Usage: "Mom sez shasta work late tonight, so we mizewell order pizza in for dinner."
(Special thanks to Donna Sue Fraley for today's word)

MODEM (phrase). An increased quantity.
Usage: "I'm gonna git me modem moon pies!"

MOEBLOME (noun). A house with wheels. A "manufactured" home.
Usage: "I don't no what it is 'bout moeblomes that attracts tar-nadirs.
(Special thanks to "Pat" for today's word)

MONA (phrase).
Usage: "Mona go on down to the store and buy me a Coke!"
(Special thanks to Joel Raburn for today's word)

MUNTS (noun). A calendar division
Usage: "My brother from Jawjuh bard my pickup truck, and I ain't herd from him in munts."

NASCAR (phrase).
Usage: "View seen that new Ford Crown Victoria? Now that's a nascar!"
(Special thanks to an anonymous Bus rider for today's word)

NAWLINS (proper noun). City situated near the mouth of the Mississippi River.
Usage: "Ju goin to Nawlins for Mardi Gras?" "Nah, I'm goin to Mobile ... their parades throw Moon Pies!"
(Special thanks to Fred Kracke for today's word)

NEW-Q'-LAR (adj). Relating to the use of the atomic nucleus.
Usage: "Bubba's a sailor on one o' ‘em new-Q'-lar submarines."
(Special thanks to Ned Barnett -- and former President Jimmy Carter -- for today's word)

NYSH-VUL (proper noun). The capital of Tennessee.
Usage: "Ju been to the Opryland Hotel in Nysh-vul yet?"
(Special thanks to an anonymous TOURBUS rider for today's word)

ON-AH (noun). Respect.
Usage: "On-ah your ma an pa."
(Special thanks to for today's word)

OSBORNE (phrase).
Usage: "Osborne in the state of Merlin."
(Special thanks to Kevin Luke for today's word)

OWN (prep). The opposite of off.
Usage: "Mama ... Bubba's own TV!"
(Special thanks to Noah Kristoffer for today's word)

OWNNA (phrase). Going to
Usage: "Ah'm ownna git me inta tha Moon Pah bidness!"
(Special thanks to to Rebecca Noack for today's words (although, as Rebecca pointed out, the word "bidness" should be attributed to the immortal Molly Ivins))

OZ (phrase). I was
Usage: "Oz wunnern whar em fellers got thar spellin from!"
(Special thanks to Deb deForest for today's word)

PAH (noun). A baked pastry dish.
Usage: "This pecan pah is the best ah ever et."
(Special thanks to Mickey Kopol for today's word)

PACIFIER (phrase). Move around or past the inferno.
Usage: "I drove pacifier, and the far department was already puttin' it out!"
(Special thanks to Linda Miller Shaw for today's word)

PAINTS (noun). An article of clothing. (verb) What a dog does when it's too hot.
Usage: "That boy needs to put some paints on. He's nekked!"
(Special thanks to Barry C. Lawrence for today's word)

PALLET (noun). An aircraft operator.
Usage: "Cousin Hank wants ta be a pallet in the m'rene corp."
(Special thanks to Joe DeMaio for today's word)

PAR (noun). Energy
Usage: "If ya don't pay the 'lectric cumpany, they shut off yer par."
(Special thanks to Tami Burrow and Jake Johnson for today's word)

PARAMOUR (noun). An automated device for cutting grass.
Usage: "What kinda deal you gonna make me on that paramour?"
(Special thanks to Michael S. Borries for today's word)

PARROT (noun). One who robs at sea or plunders the land from the sea without commission from a sovereign nation
Usage: "This building is called the parrot's den because this is where the parrots divided up their loot after hijacking ships in the area"
(Special thanks go to Kathy MacGregor for today's word)

PAY-ETTE (noun). A domesticated animal that lives in a home and isn't allowed on the furniture.
Usage: "Ju seen my pay-ette dawg anywhere, Bubba?"
(Special thanks to Frank Benvenuto for today's word)

PAY-UH-PER (noun) -- a seasoning.
Usage: "Bubba, git me some salt and pay-uh-per."
(Special thanks to me for today's word)

PAY-UM (phrase). The short form of the word Pamela.
Usage: "Woo-howdy ... you see that Pay-um Anderson recently?"
(Special thanks go to Pam Howell for today's word)

PEA CUP (noun). A light truck with an enclosed cab and an open body with low sides and tailgate.
Usage: "My brother from Jawjuh still ain't retuned my pea cup!"
(Special thanks to Raymond Kornele for today's word)

PEEKAL (noun). A cucumber preserved in brine or vinegar.
Usage: "Ju want a slice o' peekal on your burger, Bubba?"
(Special thanks to Julian Michael Philips for today's word)

PEEL (noun). Small, rounded mass of medicine.
Usage: "The docter gave me a horse peel and I'm all better!"
(Special thanks to "Joanne" for today's word)

PEGS (noun). A farm animal that regularly dwells in the mud.
Usage: "There's nothing wrong with computers, but they aren't pegs."
(Special thanks to Yanira Wong for today's word)

PIE ANNA (noun). A musical instrument.
Usage: "Play us sum Mazin Grass on the pie anna, honey."
(Special thanks to Jack Decker for today's word)

PILLAR (noun). Something on which you rest your head or adorn your couch.
Usage: "Put yer pillar back on the bed!"
(Special thanks to Pete Martin for today's word)

PLAARS (noun). A small pincing tool.
Usage: "Hand me the plaars, Bubba ... I havta tighten this nut."
(Special thanks to Edwin & Carolyn Monch for today's word)

PLAY-IT (noun). A large, flat serving dish.
Usage: "Honey ... git me another play-it of beckon and aigs."
(Special thanks to Damon Rarey for today's word)

PLIGHT (adjective) Showing consideration for others or being tactful.
Usage: "Bubba, don't hand the preacher yer half-eaten Moon Pie ...that just ain't plight."
(Special thanks to "Rhonda" for today's word)

POKE (noun). The other white meat.
Usage: "Git me another poke sandwich!"

POE-LEASE (noun). Law enforcement officer. (Not to be confused with POLICE.)
Usage: "Howscum everyone you see on the TV show 'COPS' is not the least bit surprised to see the POE-lease standing in their livin' room?"
(Special thanks to Calvin C. Naegelin for today's word)

POLICE (verb). To satisfy.
Usage: "If it polices the coat, kin we take a recess?"

POME (noun). A composition in verse.
Usage: "I done wrote my mama a mother's day pome. Wanna hear it?"
( Special thanks go to Sharon Fleiming for today's word)

PRE-SHADE (verb). To recognize with gratitude.
Usage: "I pre-shade yur hep."

PRESHADIT (phrase). Pronounced "PRE-shay-diht". A way to give thanks.
(Special thanks to Adam Joshua Smargon of the University of Florida for today's word)

PRIOR (noun). A talk with God.
Usage: "As long as teachers continue to give their students tests, there will be prior in school!"
(Special thanks to Dave Zubal for today's word)

PROLLY (adv). Without much doubt.
Usage: "I'm tarred. I'll prolly jus go to bed."
(Special thanks to Nigel Burne for today's word)

PURT-NEAR (adj). Close.
Usage: "I'm purt-near ready to graduate!"
(Special thanks to Lisa West for today's word)

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