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Each of my Internet Tourbus posts between 1995 and 2002 included a "Southern Word of the Day." The following is a complete list of those Southern Words.

If you choose to redistribute this list, please give credit where credit is due. Questions and comments should be sent to Patrick Crispen, University of Alabama class of 1998.

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EAR (noun). A colorless, odorless gas (unless you are in LA).
Usage: "He can't breathe ... give 'em some ear!"

EMERSON (phrase).
Usage: "Emerson fine lookin' tars ya got on yer truck there, Leroy."
(Special thanks to Mitchell Hall for today's word)

EMPLAWEE (noun). One in the employment of another.
Usage: "Mary Elizabeth mus be proud ... I just heard she's the emplawee of the week down at the Huddle House!"
(Special thanks to Pam Howell for today's word)

EVER WHAT (interjection). Whatever.
Usage: "C'mawn down tuh Runnie Marchunt furniture, whar we got ever whut cha need."
(Special thanks to an advertisement for Ronnie Marchant Furniture of Birmingham, Alabama for today's word)

FAID (noun, verb). A grain product. To nourish.
Usage: "Mercy! You're all skin and bones! Don't your folks fade ya anymore?!"

FAINTS (noun). A barrier
Usage: "Hooo BOY ... that Sammy Sosa whomped that ball clear over the faints!"
(Special thanks to Dan Bathker for today's word)

FALL (verb). To submit. To store paperwork in its proper place.
Usage: "Ju fall yer texas yet, Bob?"
(Special thanks to John Nichols for today's word)

FAR (far). A confligration
Usage: "If my brother from Jawjuh doesn't change the all in my pickup truck, that things gonna catch far."

FARD (verb). Terminated.
Usage: "Coy don't work here no more ... we fard him."

FARN (adj). Not local.
Usage: "I cudnt unnerstand a word he sed ... must be from some farn country."
(Special thanks to Alan Ross Goddard for today's word)

FARSCAPE (noun). An emergency exit.
Usage: "There was a far, but Bubba got out of the building alright ... he used the farscape."
(Special thanks to Lee & Wolfe for today's word)

FAWL (noun). Aluminum wrap for storage of food items.
Usage: "Could you please wrap my leftover chicken livers in fawl?"
(Special thanks to "BeachYeah" for today's word)

FAV (noun). Foe plus one.
Usage: "How did you manage to git fav tars on my pickup truck?"

FAY-IR (noun, verb). A sense of anxiety. Anxious concern.
Usage: "The only thing we have to fay-ir is fay-ir itself!"

FEE-UHL (Verb). To supply or provide to the fullest extent.
Usage: "Bubba, fee-uhl up that there gas jug!"
(Special thanks go to Ken Forgie for today's word)

FER (noun, preposition). Something that grows on a cat (among other things). Intended to.
Usage: "This here sofa is covered in fer!" "Thars a phone call fer yew. Itch yer waaaaf."
(Special thanks to Richard Omer for today's word)

FIDNA GIT EEL (phrase). Expecting to become sick or upset.
Usage: "Aye jus seed Jawjuh beat Bama, an AM FIDNA GIT EEL!"
(Special thanks to my brother, Robert (better known as "gimptard"), for today's word)

FLAHR (noun). A plant. Wheat, ground to a fine, white powder.
Usage: "Mona go on down to the store and buy me some flahr!"
(Special thanks to an anonymous bus rider for today's word)

FLAW (noun). Where most children -- including me -- keep their clothes.
Usage: "Dern ... I tumped the glass ovah on tha flaw."
(Special thanks to Melody Reynolds for today's word)

FLOSS WATER (noun). A device used to squish flying bugs.
Usage: "Hand me the floss water, bubba ... I'm gonna git that bee!"
(Special thanks to Anna Smith for today's word)

FORD (verb, preposition). To advance. Ahead of.
Usage: "The rool markins wanna see this country move ford."
(Special thanks to Pat Vedomske and Dennis DeVendra for today's word)

FOE (noun). Fav minus one.
Usage: "Ahma gonna sit rat cheer til foe the safnoon."
(Special thanks to many, many people, including Bill Barbot and Steven W. Reisenauer, for today's word)

FOWER (noun). Two squared (See also FOE)
Usage: "We need a CSM to register fower."
(Special thanks to the Tuscaloosa Wal-Mart for today's word)

FRAIZIN (adj). Slowing molecular movement. Physical transformation from a liquid or gas to a solid.
Usage: "Shut that thar winda, it's fraizin in here."
(Special thanks to Sierrelda Johnson for today's word)

FRAUD (adj). Cooked in oil.
Usage: "That Southern fraud chicken sure was good."
(Special thanks to Lloyd Colston for today's word)

FRUNCHARD (noun) -- the usually grassy area in front of a residence.
Usage: " Bubba's out in the frunchard with Mary Ann pickin' some blackburres."
(Special thanks to famous Atlanta resident John Doyle for today's word)

FUSSED (adj). A premier position
Usage: "You been here before?" "Nah ... this is my fussed time."
(Special thanks to Dan Bragg for today's word)

GODZILLER (Noun). Mothra's nemesis.
Usage (with deepest apologies to our friends "down under"):

Waltzing Godziller, Waltzing Godziller
You are a monster from under the sea
And we sang as we walked through the burning streets of Tokyo,
"Who'll come a-waltzing, Godziller, with me?"

(Special thanks to Nick Zark for today's word)

GRAIN (adj). Mixture of yellow and blue.
Usage: "Mercy ... I's jus grain with envy!"
(Special thanks to Richard Rupe for today's word)

GRAYUPH (noun). A data chart using pictures, lines, and bars.
Usage: "I have our survey's results in this grayuph."
(Special thanks to Alexis Avis and Oscar Chavez for today's word)

GREE-YUHL (noun). A cooking utensil of parallel bars on which food is exposed to heat (as from charcoal or electricity).
Usage: "Y'all want me to throw some more ree-yubs on the gree-yuhl?"
( Special thanks go to Alan Coburn for today's word)

GROAN (verb). To have increased in size.
Usage: "Mah, how you've groan!"
(Special thanks to Dr. Franklin Drucker for today's word)

GRUDGE (noun). A structure commonly associated with automobiles
Usage: "Ju park yur truck in the grudge?"
(Special thanks to an anonymous TOURBUS rider for today's word)

GUFF (noun). A deep chasm
Usage: "Juicy the Guff of Mexico?"
(Special thanks to Donna Griffin and Owen O'Neil for today's word)

GUMMIT (noun). An often-closed bureaucratic institution.
Usage: "Shoot far! ... ANOTHER gummit shutdown!"
(Special thanks to Rick Snyder for today's word)

GUZINTA (verb). Mathematical term for division.
Usage: "Fav guzinta fifteen three times. Two guzinta eight foe times."
(Special thanks to Tommy Baca for today's word)

HAHD (verb). To conceal.
Usage: "Uh, oh. Here comes Bubba. Hahd the Moon Pies!"
(Special thanks to Cindy Vela for today's word)

HAIL (proper noun). Where the bad people go.
Usage: "If'n you don't go to church, you're gonna hail!"

HAIRY BACK (phrase). A request to return soon.
Usage: "You hairy back now, ya hear?"
(Special thanks to Kent Merideth for today's word)

HAL BOB (proper noun). A heavenly body.
Usage: "Have you seen the Comet Hal Bob?"
(EEEK! I forgot the name of the person who originally suggested today's word. Sorry about that! Anyway, the person who submitted today's word first saw it on the Search Voyeur that we visited on March 13. 1997. In other words, there *really* was someone out there on the Internet searching for information on "Comet Hal Bob!"). :)

HALLER (adj). Empty
Usage: "That boy's head must be haller."
(Special thanks to Wolfe Kincaid for today's word)

HARD (adj). Employeed. In the employ of.
Usage: "Bubba's ain't here no more ... Burger King hard him away from us."
(Special thanks to David Ames for today's word)

HAY-UM (noun). A cut of meat from a pig.
Usage: "I do not like grain eggs and hay-um ..."
(Special thanks to Cade Bryant for today's word)

HAZE (contraction). He is
Usage: "Is Bubba smart?" "Nah ... haze ignert."
(Special thanks to Jack Dohme for today's word)

HEAVY DEW (phrase).
Usage: "Kin I heavy dew me a favor?"
(Special thanks to Marilyn Sallee for today's word)

HEIDI (interjection). Greetings
Usage: "Heidi! Hire yew?"
(Special thanks to a THEIVIN' YANKEE for today's word)

HEP-DESK (noun). A technical support center.
Usage: "'puter's broke? Call the hep-desk!"
(Special thanks to me for today's word)

HERBAL (adj). Terrible, awful.
Usage: "He's got hisself into one herbal mess."
(Special thanks to Barry McQuade for today's word)

HIRE YEW (phrase). A question.
Usage: "Heidi! Hire yew?"
(Special thanks to a THEIVIN' YANKEE for today's word)

HOD (adj). Not easy.
Usage: "A broken hot is hod to fix."

HOE (noun). An opening or pit.
Usage: "My brother from Jawjuh drove my pickup into a big ol hoe"
(Special thanks go to W. Mark Hilton for today's word)

HOLT (verb). Past tense of the infinitive "to hold."
Usage: "He grub a holt of the faints and, bless his heart, he wuddent let go."
(Special thanks to Ken Sawka for today's word)

HOMINY (interrogatory phrase). An inquiry about number or quantity.
Usage: "Hominy times I gotta tell you to don't do that?"
(Special thanks to Alan Coburn for today's word)

HOT (noun). A blood-pumping organ.
Usage: "A broken hot is hod to fix."

HOWSCUM (interrogatory statement). [see also "WHY FOR"]
Usage: "Howscum Bubba tore down the bob war faints?"
(Special thanks to Robin Peoples for today's word)

HUNNERD (noun). A large quantity.
Usage: "This knife cost me a hunerd bucks"
(Special thanks to Bruce Johnston for today's word)

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