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Each of my Internet Tourbus posts between 1995 and 2002 included a "Southern Word of the Day." The following is a complete list of those Southern Words.

If you choose to redistribute this list, please give credit where credit is due. Questions and comments should be sent to Patrick Crispen, University of Alabama class of 1998.

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Y'ALL (noun). A degree of rotation.
Usage: "There are three degrees of Southern rotation: Pitch, Roll, and Y'all."

YACHT (noun). A social behavior.
Usage: "Yacht not drive drunk" or "Yacht not be doin that on your sister!"
(Special thanks to Aaron Biltz for today's word)

YALE (verb). To exclaim.
Usage: An Auburn University graduate is talking to a friend about his beautiful wife. The Aubie asks, "where did your wife go to school?" The other guy responded, "Yale." To which the Aubie replied, quite loudly, "Okay ... WHERE DID YOUR WIFE GO TO SCHOOL?!?!?!?!"
(Special thanks to June Hollis for today's word)

YANNAH (phrase). Title of respect given to members of the bench.
Usage: "Yannah, if it pleases the coat ..."
(Special thanks go to Shirley Hurd for today's word)

YELLA (adjective). The color between orange and green in the visible spectrum.
Usage: "Brush yer teeth, Bubba ... they's YELLA!"
(Special thanks to ME for today's word)

YER (pronoun). Something that isn't mine.
Usage: "Thar's a phone call fer yew. Itch yer waaaaf."
(Special thanks to Richard Omer for today's words)

YEWSTEN (noun). The fifth largest city in America (I think).
Usage: "Yewsten's a beg, beg city."
(Special thanks to Suzanne Lyons at Texas A&M University for today's words (even though she is an AGGIE!))

YUP (phrase). An inquiry into someone's state of consciousness.
Usage: "Honey, yup?"

YURP (proper noun). A collection of countries located across the Atlantic Ocean from 'Marika.
Usage: "The QE2 takes you from New York to Yurp."
(Special thanks to Skip Stocks for today's word)

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