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Each of my Internet Tourbus posts between 1995 and 2002 included a "Southern Word of the Day." The following is a complete list of those Southern Words.

If you choose to redistribute this list, please give credit where credit is due. Questions and comments should be sent to Patrick Crispen, University of Alabama class of 1998.

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UART (phrase). To be bound or obliged.
Usage: "Uart to listen to yore momma."
(Special thanks to Steve Creasy for today's word)

URAL (noun). Petroleum product belonging to the person being addressed.
Usage: "Chick ural, mistah?"
(Special thanks to "MEPeterson" for today's word)

URINE (adjective) Occurring or done at the end of the year.
Usage: "Y'all come on down for our unrine clearance."
(Special thanks to Heather Headrick for today's word)

UTCHA DOON? (phrase). A traditional Southern greeting.
(Special thanks to Adam Joshua Smargon of the University of Florida for today's word)

VARMINT (noun). One's surroundings.
Usage: "This is no kind of varmint to bring up a child in."
(Special thanks to Julie Peterson for today's word)

VERTIGO (question).
Usage: "Vertigo?" "No'm, I just live down the road."
(Special thanks to John Burson for today's word)

VIEW (contraction).
Usage: "I ain't never seed New York City ... view?"
(Special thanks to Jack Dohme for today's word)

VITAMIN (verb). What you do to guests.
Usage: "Bubba's here? Well, don jus stand there ... vitamin!"
(Special thanks to an anonymous bus rider for today's word)

WAAAAF (noun). A female married person.
Usage: "Thars a phone call fer yew. Itch yer waaaaf."
(Special thanks to Richard Omer for today's word)

WAFFLE (contraction).
Usage: "Yew better git home, bubba, else yer waffle be real mad."
(Special thanks to Ellen Lee for today's word)

WALLETS (phrase).
Usage: "Be sure to come in wallets still on sale." (Hint: "wallets" = "while it's")
(Special thanks to a Talladega, Alabama, Texaco radio commercial for today's word)

WAND AND DONNED (phrase). Entertained
Usage: "Me and Bubba wand and donned at Doe's Eat Place in Little Rock."
(Special thanks to Nancy Couch for today's word)

WANGS (noun). What a bird, bat, or insect uses to fly.
Usage: "I'm gonna to Bob Baumhower's and get me some wangs!"
(Special thanks to William Austermann for today's word)

WAR (noun). Location.
Usage: "War ya bin, Bubba? We've been lookin for ya for days!"
(Special thanks to Pat Jones for today's word)

WARSH (verb). To clean.
Usage: "Warsh that squarsh, Bubba ... you don't know where its been!"
(Special thanks to Barb Fogg for today's word)

WAULD (adj). Not tame.
Usage: "He turned out to be a sweet feller, but his beg brother is just wauld."
(Special thanks to Lorri Malone for today's word)

WAW-UH (Noun). A state of conflict.
Usage: "Yankees burned the University of Alabama to the ground durin the waw-uh between the states." (True story, by the way.)
(Special thanks to Adele Raemer for today's word)

WHALE (noun). A pit that contains water.
Usage: "Bubba, fetch me a bucket of water from the whale."
(Special thanks to John Grosh for today's word)

WHY FOR? (phrase). Request for a cause.
Usage: "Why for you actin' a fool?"

WONGO? (phrase). A query of companionship.
Usage: "Wongo wimmie?"
(Special thanks to Adam Joshua Smargon of the University of Florida for today's word)

WRETCHED (proper noun). The first name of the 37th president of the United States (or, if you are in the South, the first name of the father of NASCAR's Kyle Petty).
Usage: "Y'all been out to that Wretched Nixon Library in Yorba Linda?"
(Special thanks to Chuck Peele for today's word)

WUFF or WOOF (noun). A predatory, pack-hunting, dog-type animal.
Usage: "Didn’t you hear the story of the boy who cried wuff?"
(Special thanks to Glenn Arnold for today's word)

WUNNERN (verb). To feel curiosity
Usage: "Oz wunnern whar em fellers got thar spellin from!"
(Special thanks to Deb deForest for today's word)

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